Matakai – I passi di Ras Bamba

“Matakai – I passi di Ras Bamba”. Ras Bamba (Chief Bamba) retraces his steps, to the key places of his long European experience, to narrate them in first person. 

Reflections, dialogues and explorations of a now mature person who wants to leave a sort of “testament” to those who from Ghana want to undertake the long journey across the Sahara and the Mediterranean. 

No disincentives or encouragement: Ras Bamba only wants to convey his post-crossing experience, his personal balance, in the most sincere way possible. 

And he does it through the tool he knows best: the video camera.

The struggle of the Cofán people

Eduardo Mendúa Vargas was the director of International Relations of the Conaie Ecuador (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador) and belonged to the Cofán nationality of the Amazonian province of Sucumbios. He has spent his entire life defending his territory, which is particularly rich in oil and continually under attack by those who only want to profit from it.

On February 26, 2023, he was brutally murdered while taking care of his home garden. Five hooded men shot him twelve times in cold blood. He was only 39 years old.

The Cofán people, who found a point of reference in Carla, Eduardo’s niece, continue to carry out their fight to defend their territory against the intervention of the oil companies.

Serre – La Fascia Trasformata ragusana

The largest fruit and vegetable market in Italy devastated by the large-scale retail trade; foreign and Italian agricultural labourers, amidst violence and trampled rights; a worker who disappeared after reporting the lack of safety in the workplace; a widespread ghetto, where the workers live in shacks; growing up in greenhouses, between denied childhood and early school leaving; basic health care left in the hands of a humanitarian association; a plastic sea and toxic fumes.

We are in the Ragusa area, where a mass production system – greenhouse cultivation – has irreparably transformed a territory and its population.

“Serre – La Fascia Trasformata ragusana” is a documentary by Luca Salvatore Pistone, produced by CISS (Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud).

Dalla guerra  |  Cronache di ordinaria oppressione

I wrote a book called “Dalla Guerra. Cronache di ordinaria oppressione”.
Ten news reports are proposed in this collection (from Africa to South East Asia, by way of Middle East).
Ten stories in which I tell what I lived, saw and heard at first hand, throwing the reader into the world’s kill zones and giving him the opportunity to look at them from the inside.


Africa coast to coast  |  20 miles per hour

From West to the East on a Vespa. Thousands of miles in several countries on the Italian icon of the two-wheels. Two reporters, Luca Pistone and Andrea de Georgio, each one on his moped, chewing up tarmac, dust and mud riding at 20 miles per hour. A journey featured by slowness and the desire to be in-sync with the famous “african pace”.

Living costantly in touch with the local population, sucking in the culture, costumes, fashions, music and food. Being hosted by strangers, sleeping outdoors.
Sharing. Baffling thanks to the Vespa. All this and much more in Africa coast to coast.

Africa coast to coast
Africa coast to coast
Africa coast to coast