Dalla guerra  |  Cronache di ordinaria oppressione

Ten news report are proposed by L.S.P. in this collection.
Ten stories in which he tells what he lived, saw and heard at first hand, throwing us into the world’s kill zones and giving us the opportunity to look at them from the inside.
From Africa to South East Asia, by way of Middle East, P. reports, by his sober and honest writing style, an ordinary heel’s story.


Africa coast to coast  |  20 miles per hour

From West to the East on a Vespa. Thousands of miles in several countries on the Italian icon of the two-wheels. Two reporters, Luca Pistone and Andrea de Georgio, each one on his moped, chewing up tarmac, dust and mud riding at 20 miles per hour. A journey featured by slowness and the desire to be in-sync with the famous “african pace”.

Living costantly in touch with the local population, sucking in the culture, costumes, fashions, music and food. Being hosted by strangers, sleeping outdoors.
Sharing. Baffling thanks to the Vespa. All this and much more in Africa coast to coast.

Africa coast to coast
Africa coast to coast
Africa coast to coast