Europe as seen from Africa

Six mini-documentaries by Luca Pistone and Andrea de Georgio, from the towns staging the start or passage of the migrants’ journey to Europe: Dakar, Bamako, Ouagadougou, Niamey, Tripoli and Lampedusa.

Mosul. War against Islamic State in Iraq
War in Donbass. Life on the front line: Spartak
Cambodia. Effects of Agent Orange on the people
Gambia. End of the dictator
Thailandia. The cremation of King B. Adulyadej
Mali. A forgotten war
Central African Republic. Violence does not cease
Democratic Republic of Congo. The war in the province of Ituri
Philippines. The end of the jihadist Marawi
Philippines. The mentally ill people live chained or in a cage
Philippines. The penitentiary system about to collapse
Mali. Malick Sidibé, the most famous photographer of Africa